5 super easy, last-minute Halloween makeup tutorials ideas every lazy girl/boy will want to pull off

Wait, Halloween is just around the corner, but there are some of you still haven’t done prepping for it because your brains are kind of locked right now. We all know coming up with Halloween plans every year is tiring, for real, especially for those who has been super busy all year round but also want to look spooky to “feel” this event. Got ya! We’ve had lists of last-minute Halloween makeup tutorials to get you all busy queens covered for your less prepping time but craziest Halloween looks!

First thing first, *chef kiss* to all the dedicated, creative youtubers that created these amazing looks for us to get inspired, and recreate, you all are the best!

1. Glam Clown Makeup Look By Giorgina Juanita

Need a look that is subtle spooky and doable for your night-out? Following this tutorial for the tea. It’s actually easy and worth trying when you just don’t have time but still want to look glam. You just need red eyeshadow, a clear lip gloss, red liquid lipstick to create the blood dripping effect, and a couple basics (think: foundation, eyebrow pencil, etc.) then, BOOM, you’re done. This look is also versatile, whether you want your corlored lenses dark or light, the color sure to go well with the makeup! If you want to follow exactly this tutorial, definitely try Pixie Green that looks closest to the color of her eyes. But if you want to get creative with your own glam look, there you go, we have wide range of color for you to choose, from blue, green, brown, hazel, gray, red,...
Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

2. Squid Game Makeup Look By @janioooooooo

Just so you know, 2021 Halloween’s costume is going to be Squid Game and Squid Game’s costume is going to be Halloween 2021, period. Who else doesn’t want to dress up as characters from Squid Game in 2021? If you get the fit, you probably get the makeup too. This Squid Game makeup look is, indeed, super easy, but it sure to have a totally strong impact on everyone around you seeing it, period. As this 2021 most-watch Netflix show not only guarded as a “trick” for viewers these days, but also its characters’ costumes are becoming huge “treats” for everyone this spooky season. All you’ll need is a basic foundation, a subtle brown eyeshadown and a haunting eye. We have this Mini Sclera Back Out Halloween that is just born for this makeup look. Mystical black, haunting and just perfect to wear together with this makeup.
Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

3.Wednesday Addams Makeup Look By Kayla Hagey

This 5:56 minutes long video will walk you through recreating the iconic look of Wednesday Addams in the “Addams Family Values” movie. Assuming that we all watched the movie ( who hasn’t watched it already please go watch it a.s.a.p ), the girl with her notable pale skin, and long-dark braids pig tails sure is a character we want to go for our lowkey Halloween cosplay. Basically, the chillest person is the scrariest, so tell me what you waiting for? Try this makeup and put on this costume, you wouldn’t regret it as it will take just a small amount of time for prepping but the effect will worth it, you’ll scare people to death! For this look, you can grab our Circle Block Black Block Halloween for a goth, haunting look or if you want to play around without full-on commitment to the original look, just browse these blue, green, brown, hazel, gray, red,... contacts, maybe you’ll come up with something!
Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

4.Melted “Pumpkin” Makeup Look By dope2111

Looking for something that is not too spooky but still put together and decent for Halloween? This Melted pumpkin tutorial is for you. Nothing is more Halloween than a pumpkin look. dope2111 just knew how to turn this melted pumpkin makeup into one of my favorite last-minute look. With highly concentration on orange face cream to paint half of her face, also a multi stick in black and nothing else, she’d be able to create a whole new look for Halloween. You could still get some spooky spirit out of her look, with the black lipstick, and also lines she drew on the surface of the pumpkin but she somehow still kept one side of her face relaxed. So, freaking love how cool this look turned out! This look is also versatile with all kind of different contacts, but those with warm shades ( insert brown collectiobn) would be perfect for color matching with the orange pumpkin.
Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

5.Vampire Halloween Makeup Look By EMAN

Vampire is the classic. Whenever you don’t know what to do with your face while your friends blowing up your phones for a night-out, just go for a vampire look. It has classic elements like smoke-out eyeshadow around the eyes and blood dripping around the mouth, which you already know how to deal with. In addition, the look is also very customizable and very easy to pull in the very last minute, in which you can change the eyeshadow color and play around with the eye to make it funkier. Don’t forget to wear your fake pointy teeth! It’s the starter thing of vampire! And becuase this look is very customizable, the contact lenses that go with the look also customizable! Check out blue, green, brown, hazel, gray, red, and maybe the cosplay collection.
Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!