Top 10 stunning eyes colours of beauties in the world that will leave you in awe!

 We probably have seen famous celebrities owning attractive, desirable features that any one of us normal people want to have one of their features. One of these features that is considered to be contributed a lot to human being’s facial appearance is definitely the eyes. Widely-known around the globe celebrities like Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Lily Collins,...are adored for their beautiful eyes that attract attention and turn heads every corner they go. So how about unknown beauties, ordinary people who also own gorgeous eyes that we still haven’t got a chance to discover? For the curious minds that always seeking and exploring hidden, mystic kinds of beauty, let’s jump on the journey to find out what beauties human being might have missed!

This young Indian girl obviously has striking eyes. Why she got that blue eyes has been remained a mystic til now. She has even been thought to be a witch by native villagers. Anyway, sometimes how genetics work just could not be explained properly. If you want to try colored contact lenses that are of this color, we highly recommend this Hidrocor Azul Natural Colored Contact , which we believe in the same shades. If you want to try finding more “blue” we have various for to to choose from. Check out our blue for more options!
What can we say? Some people are born with looks so striking that you have no choice but to stop, stare, and want what they have. These twins just got deep brown eyes that are lure us in from the very first moment we lay our eyes on them. Their eyes colors are genuinely pretty and they also know how to style themselves too! For this eye color, look no further than our brown collection, and we also had our top vote for this Kanami Brown Colored Contact Lenses that we think its color might look as close as these two girls eyes color. 
What a beautiful woman! Her striking gray eyes really just glow up the whole photo while her curls are perfectly play the supporting role, for real. Sis is seriously flexing her makeup skill in this photo too and we riot to have a tutorial, please! All eyes are on you sis, and maybe there’s someone who would love to have your stunning eyes! Grab a gray lenses if you also want to slay this look or you can check out right away our top voted goes to the best selling Hokkaido Grey Prescription Colored Contact.
We’re talking too much about blue eyes, who else is here for green eyes appreciations? Look, this girl’s eyes are just breathtakingly beautiful. Hands down. She’s  literally out there reminding us of how “weak” we are falling for her green. If you want to be as slayed as her, invest in these green for a change or just simply grab this selected Hokkaido Green Colored Contact by us to get ready to slay and don’t have to consider anything else! 
OMG, how unique and attractive this man is. There’s no denying. His eyes is seducing us all! I mean, the word mesmerizing is not enough to describe the sultriness and sexiness of his eyes, amazingly take our breath away ( sorry for being a fan girl here lol ). Feeling this sultry vibe and want to groom yourself a bit? Take a look at our gray collection, maybe you’ll find your most suited one. If you’re too tired of browsing, you probably can give this Dubai Gray Colored Contact Lenses a try!
I can’t speak for all of you, but everyone seems to have a soft spot for hazel brown eyes. Period. Her natural color eyes undoubtedly contributed greatly to her whole sweet, beautiful look. Who’s down for this girl-next-door vibe can check out our lowkey best seller natural-looking one and only Hidrocor Ocre Natural Colored Contact.
I would never thank the internet that much until I found this photo, I swear! Her eyes are just everything i’m looking for : lovely, innocent, unique and stunning at the same time. Wow, just a whole lot of things in this eyes. Who wouldn’t die for an eyes like this? If you also love her eyes and looking to having the same eye color as this young girl in the photo, you could browse our gray collection to find the perfect one for yourself.   
Okay, you can stare at me like this for straight up 3 hours and I will not complaint. Some people just don’t know how criminal their behaviors are, and this man in this photo is a perfect example of that. Just kidding! His blue eyes made me say all these things, guys, my brain can’t function right now! Who want to take the breath of your significant other away, please go for this blue colored contact! It guarantees hotness! We highly recommend you this Neptune Blue Colored Contact that we think its color is as close as him.
I literally thought of  “ The eyes are the window to the soul” quote when I looked at her beautiful eyes. Her gorgeous eyes know how to smile and she probably is an adorable, mischievous kid too! Love her vibe? We have, not exactly her color, but colors that you may probably give it a pass. That is the gem Cardcaptor Yellow Colored Contact Lenses, make sure to check this unique color out, it won’t let you down.
Brown eyes can be sweet but can be fierce too. This girl is just a typical “ let’s the eyes do the talking”. Her eyes are beautiful the way they are and her attitudes are compatible with her gazes. Mesmerizingly unique and impressive. If you’re down with her whole vibe and want to look as fierce as her, you could take a look at this super cool lenses Wildcat Brown Colored Contact.