2021 Pop Culture Moments Halloween Ideas You Can Steal From!

Look around, look again, Halloween is behind you! Yas, we already entered the month of the spooky season and is channeling spooky spirits for a wonderful *again* experience this year. I know some of you are planning queens who already started prepping something, but ideas are *somehow* not often come easily. We all need inspiration and there are tons on the internet, which makes finding a good one even harder. So, we did that hard work for you and compile them all into this pop culture-inspired list (that will make you say that’s so 2021), hoping that you’d love these ideas and also you can actually work it out for yourself!

1.From Olivia Rodrigo - brutal Music Video

Well, if you’re a fan of Y2K makeups and fashion, and you want your Halloween to be just as same as your daily life interest, then Olivia Rodrigo’s full-on Y2K aesthetics in brutal music video are for you. If you think the Y2K aesthetics are not spooky enough, then don’t worry, Halloween is not limited to looking all spooky but you can definitely get creative with your outfits and makeup too!

Basically, this punk-rock look is pretty easy for you to find costume, which are a cool graphic tee, black skirt and braids. You’ll probably cosplay an emo girl, who is lowkey fashionable and quiet at school. The most prominent things in this look is the beret, which is the main flavor of this look. These dripping tears on her face are special effect, but it’d be a good idea if you actually paint them on your face to complete the whole emo vibe. To sum, this look of Olivia is fairly easy to create, you can literally pull it in minutes and it is versatile too. You can match it with any lenses color, from darker shades to lighter shades. Be it blue, green, brown, hazel, gray,..every color is perfect for this fit. But we recommend that it’d be better in darker shades for closeness to the original singer’s eyes color, which is dark brown. Check out the brown collection to find the most suitable to your taste!

Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

2.From Cruella de Vill in Crudella

I bet all of you seeing Emma Stone in countless iconic outfits in Crudella also want to once try on one of those outfits. Yeah, you definitely can. Halloween is a perfect timing for you to dress, makeup as Cruella de Vill. Remember wearing the signature half black, half blond wig and pop on blue lenses to immediately will have the other people recognize you as “Cruella de Vill” becuase these two are like essential packs for this look. We recommend this blue : Himalaya Blue.

Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

3.From Cassie in Promising Young Woman

Cassie in the final scene of “Promising Young Woman” wore an outfit that definitely the classic Halloween. Together with her colorful wig and BOOM, you’d have a dcent outfit to go out. Again, this look has room for your creativity too! You probably can wear the fit with any of colored contact lenses to your liking, but our top vote goes to the brown one. Try this Sorayama Brown, it won’t let you down.

Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!

4.From Kang Sae-byok in Squid Game

2021 Halloween isn’t Halloween without mentioning Squid Game costume. As the show continues to dominate Netflix’s top ten list, everyone is literally out there looking for Squid Game costumes. This simple, plain green uniform tracksuit of Kang Sae-byok in Squid Game will be impactfull this Halloween, for sure. Also, to slay this makeup is no brainer too. You just need a pair of black lenses that haunting enough, and the lenses color are customizable, depending on your creativity and how you want to “trick” people, same as the show. Try recreating this look with blue, green, brown, hazel, gray to add your own color into the look! Seriously, for this look, our top pick is no other than our Mini Sclera Black out Halloween, the effect sure won’t let you down.

Luv it, feel inspired, grab a (lot) of mystic today!